Organization Profile

The Brighter Bites mission is to create communities of health through fresh food. We run an evidence-based, multi-component health promotion intervention program that delivers fresh produce directly into families' hands. We give them the tools to use it through hands-on nutrition education, and track their behavior change over time. Our ultimate goal is to increase demand for, and sustainable consumption of, fresh food to curb the childhood obesity epidemic and improve long-term health outcomes among underserved children and their families.

During Produce Bagging, your role as a volunteer may include:

Setting up tables in assembly line format and ensuring work surfaces are clean. Unloading and carrying cases of fruits and vegetables (weighing up to 50 pounds) from the delivery truck to the bagging area. Sorting through produce to identify and discard spoiled items. Placing fruits and vegetables into the Brighter Bites bags. Breaking down boxes and cleaning tables and floors during and after the bagging process.

Adding recipe cards, tip sheets, and other nutrition education materials to Brighter Bites bags. Delivering Brighter Bites bags to teachers in their classrooms.

During Produce Distribution, your role as a volunteer may include:

Providing a warm, welcoming, and fun environment for parents and children. Guiding families to check-in with Brighter Bites staff. Encouraging kids and their parents to taste the fresh recipe sample. Inviting parents and kids to engage in conversations about the fruits and vegetables in the bags and the nutrition topic of the week. Engaging children in a nutrition-related game or activity. Handing the produce to families who have checked in with Brighter Bites staff. Helping families carry the produce bags to their cars. Cleaning up the Brighter Bites work area.

During Healthy Recipe Prep your role as a volunteer may include:

Working in a commercial kitchen to prepare healthy recipes for families. Following a Brighter Bites recipe under the guidance of Brighter Bites staff. Chopping, slicing, and dicing fruits and vegetables. Operating kitchen appliances such as blenders, food processors, ovens, and stoves. Cleaning the kitchen area: sanitizing workstations, washing dishes, and properly disposing of trash, compost, and recycling.

Tasting the finished product!

During “Warehouse Produce Boxing,” your role as a volunteer may include:

Sorting a variety of fruits and vegetables into boxes and/or bags. Lifting and stacking full produce boxes and bags in order to build large pallets of produce. Transferring completed pallets of produce to the produce storage room. Cleaning the work area by disposing of compost, trash, and recycling.

Health & Wellness
Families, Low-income Communities
Fort Myers, FL, 33901