Organization Profile

Congregation Beth Tikvah of Naples, Inc.

The Mission of Beth Tikvah Jewish Prisoner Outreach Is As Follows: Share information, guidance and resources with America’s Jewish inmate population Network with related local and national organizations to better serve our clients Raise the consciousness of America’s mainstream Jewish community so they are aware of the problems and the plight of Jews who are serving time Advocate for incarcerates who face abuse, harassment and anti-Semitism issues Encourage program participation of individuals and organizations Supply Judaica (Tanakhim, Siddurim, kippot, tzitzit, dietary guidelines, calendars, tallaisim, etc.) on a donation basis to eligible inmates Provide pre- and post-incarceration counseling for first-time offenders Provide spiritual support and guidance to inmates as well as family members of the incarcerated

Faith-Based Service
Naples, FL, 34109