Organization Profile

Dreamscape Foundation

Founded in 2013, The Dreamscape foundation was created when the founder, Joseph Sehwani was diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of sixteen that took away his vision. Since then, Joseph has created a vision of his own for people suffering from rare diseases. Providing individuals with scholarships, job aids, education accommodations, health aids and all amenities to help them succeed in life. This foundation will focus on supporting their future to provide equality. We know that living with a disability can negatively impact one’s chances of success in education and employment, but at Dreamscape Foundation, we believe that we have the power to do something to address this. While nothing can prepare us for an unanticipated disability, Dreamscape Foundation offers hope. Dreamscape Foundation provides accommodations for individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of education and life-fulfilling work. Our mission is to aid the small population of people affected by sensory impairments to help them achieve success and to fund a cure. We encourage the community to embrace the use of accessible technology to ensure independence. With your help, we can make our communities more accessible. Our dreams are just the beginning.

Children & Youth Education
People with Disabilities
NAPLES, FL, 34108