Are you in need of volunteers? Let Volunteer Collier help you!

We have over 1,560 registered volunteers searching our website for opportunities!

Volunteer Collier matches volunteers with the needs of nonprofits. It promotes and markets your objectives to the community and solicits volunteers for you. We use this website to list all of your short and long term requirements with a pool of local and national volunteers.

Benefits of posting your opportunities on Volunteer Collier

  • Our site is a one-stop-shop for volunteers to search opportunities around our community
  • We reach volunteers who may not have otherwise thought of your agency specifically to seek out opportunities
  • Our matching mechanism finds volunteers for you
  • We highlight 4 opportunities in our monthly newsletter that gets emailed to all registered volunteers
  • Our site can track volunteer hours, making it easy for you to verify hours for students or community service, and provides a report of how many volunteers and their hours have helped your agency
  • Posting an opportunity is EASY with just a few simple steps.

How to get started

Click on ‘Become a Partner’ and fill out the short registration form. Once you are approved by Volunteer Collier, you can begin posting your volunteer opportunities!


Registered 501(c)(3) organizations, government agencies, neighborhood associations, eldercare facilities, public schools

You must accept volunteers regardless of age, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.