How to Create a Volunteer Opportunity

4 Easy Steps

1. Login

2. Click 'Volunteer Opportunities' 

3. Click 'Create Volunteer Opportunity' 

4. Fill out the form about your opportunity (see important field descriptions below)

Wait for Volunteer Collier approval and publishing

Field Descriptions

  • Description
    • Use keywords that will result in a search by a volunteer
  • Location
    • You may add a location if not at your site
  • Populations Served (can be more than 1)
  • Schedule Type
    • Date & Time Specific: use this when you need a certain number of volunteers who will volunteer on the same date, start time and end time. You can create one or more occurrences for this opportunity
      • Ex: you need 5 volunteers every Monday from 2-5pm
    • Individually Scheduled: use this when you have a flexible schedule of when you need volunteers for an ongoing basis
      • Ex: you need volunteers any time Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. Volunteers can express interest and propose one or more times when they are available to attend within the schedule you’ve defined