Confidence, Freedom & Adventure all begin with a bike



Where & When

Golden Gate Community Center, 4701 Golden Gate Parkway, Naples, FL 34116

Saturday, November 18th 

9:00am - 12:00pm


Event Structure

Teams of 3 people will build a girl's bike and a boy's bike. Once the bicycle is built, a team of bike specialists will inspect the bikes to ensure proper assembly. 

Collier County Sheriff's Office will be on-site to provide helmet fittings and bike safety courses. Each child will receive a helmet and bike lock.

Bicycles will be donated to children of Collier Child Care Resources, Grace Place for Children & Families and New Horizons of Southwest Florida.



Many of us likely have fond memories of being given our very first bicycle, maybe as a birthday or Christmas present, with a big bow on the handlebars. Summers were spent riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends and family.

However, for many impoverished families throughout America, it's tough enough to pay for food and rent, let alone luxuries like bicycles.

There are so many children that never get to experience this cherished pastime. That's where our Build-a-Bike event will really bike a difference!

This innovative, philanthropic, team-building event combines opportunities for professional and personal development, while allowing participants to experience first-hand the tangible impact of their support.


Community in Need

Naples has the sixth highest per capita income in America. Yet, only six miles away rests Golden Gate City, where 66% of residents are living in poverty and are struggling to make ends meet. Most residents cannot afford a car and a lack of reliable transportation to work can increase their stress levels. Residents live in a “food desert” with major grocery chains being outside of this largely walking/biking community. The public transportation system can be skeletal and cumbersome, leaving many families to rely on expensive local food stores that carry fewer fresh produce items. A bicycle would provide families a self-sufficient, alternative mode of transportation while increasing physical activity. 


Get Involved

Build a Team: gather your friends, family or co-workers; up to 3 people per team!

Individual Builds: if you want to participate, but don't have a team, sign up and we will assign you to a team!

Corporate Teams: engage your employees with this fun, hands-on event that benefits your community!

Vendor Tables: promote your business in our community-wide event!



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Registration & Payment

Register yourself or your team AND make payment below.

If you're paying for more than 1 individual or team, use the "Other" amount option and note accordingly in the comments section (ie: $200 for 2 individuals or $600 for 2 teams, etc.)

Thank you to our supporters!!!